Day 3 of no facebook.

So I’m on day number three of no facebook. Its been fun not being on their looking at drama and feeling like my life isn’t living up to the hype of facebook. If you find yourself feeling low and shit. Reevaulate your life. Kick some folks out; burn some bridges that needed to be burnt […]

Day 2 of no facebook.

So today is day number two of no facebook. I deleted the app on my phone and about to block it on my computer when I log onto it. Self care is vital for me and stopping facebook is a big part of that self care. I still have my poetry page up. I’m only […]

100 days no facebook.

So I’m challenging myself to 100 days of no facebook. Only my poetry page. And hopefully getting the word out by word to mout. I found my self spending way to much time on social media again and hope to log on once a day to check notifcations and read up on news stories or […]

16 more days.

16 is the number of days I have left of being known as Evelyn. 16 is the number of days i have left of being oppressed by a name that is hunting me everyday. 16 is the number of days I will have to live with being called Evelyn which is a German name.   […]

Book Cover Reveal!

Hello All, Well, here it is my book cover reveal.  My book has been off to my editor the new re Edited version I did since I redid the size and make sure the paragraph was in the correct place. Gotten feed back already on the cover the picture may even change by Friday or […]

D-Day for Ethan’s Surgery!

So my 2 years old is having surgery today for his adenoids. Watching him go down during the anesthesia procedures was hard but it made the process easier for him. Knowing that I was there to help him during it. My mother was with me because she wanted answers into why he needed his adenoids taken out […]