Name Change.

Oh what’s in a name?  So in February of this year I ponder in changing my name. Even doing pros and cons with doing research on how much it would cost me. Was there a fee waver if so how much would it cost me out of pocket? My questions was answered when I went […]

First Poetry Slam

So I went to my first poetry open mic slam. Tonight and my aniexty around that was high. I was in my head a lot during the spoken words and the raps that was being done at Golden Thyme Coffee House on Selby Ave in Saint Paul, Minnesota. A lot of poets were welcoming and […]

Happy Easter late post

Hi y’all its been a while. I’m still working on my poems in the book. Had to get a new note book and transfer almost all of my poems in the book. Typing in the book will resume on Wed and Thrusday. I wore this dress from Dress Barn on Sunday for Easter. I’m loving […]

Almost allowed a bus driver ruin my day. 

Today had been a very good day up till 3:36 pm. I was gettin on my local bus the 67, to head to my church, to pick up my son Ethan from school.  As I got off at the Snelling avenue stop the driver didnt stop at the corner for me and wouldn’t lower the lift […]