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First ASL Video

First ASL video in so long that it felt good when I completed it. Walk on Water by Thirty Seconds to Mars has gotten me through some ruff times during the past few weeks. Here are the lyrics to Walk on Water: (Do you believe?) Walk on water Can you even see what you’re fighting […]

Emotional week.

So going off from last Monday I was let go from my job at a local company in St. Paul MN. So I’m normally not a cryer but i cried that night Tuesday night. Speaking of which my Son is doing a hellva lot better than last week. Never ever thought I would be crying […]

My Son had Febrile Seizure!

So Tuesday night my son had a Febrile Seizure. This was my first time witnessing a seizure and his first seizure. Before he had the full blown seizure he was just shaking. I had called my mother who lives in the building behind us. She hanged up the phone and I called 911 when it […]

St. Jude Walk Event.

Hello all So Saturday last week was the Main Event and I walked it with a boot this year. Didn’t want to but I had to. I had already told people about me walking in this event on the 23rd of September. And so I didn’t want to back out. I took my time and walked […]

Walk/run event.

Hello all, Its Nyleve. Im doing the St. Jude walk/run Event on the 23rd. Please donate to the St. Jude fundraising site at Fight Brain Tumors for all (click on the link.). I am at $180.00 so far and my goal is to get to $10k. This is close to home for me since I’m […]

New beginning poem

Hello all I just got done with my new master piece. Called New Beginnings. I am officially known as Nyleve Eiram Hanf-Campbell. Not only that I dyed my hair for the last time and it’s going to be this color for the next few years or so. New name means new beginnings and new attitude towards life. I’ve […]

6 days no facebook. Not really

I had an encounter on Sunday, on public transportation this lady had a full blown conversation with my sin after he only said hi. I had asked her to stop talking to my child who is 2 by the way, she had a full blown melt down. Hon if a parent of a child, who […]