100 days no facebook.

So I’m challenging myself to 100 days of no facebook. Only my poetry page. And hopefully getting the word out by word to mout. I found my self spending way to much time on social media again and hope to log on once a day to check notifcations and read up on news stories or […]

16 more days.

16 is the number of days I have left of being known as Evelyn. 16 is the number of days i have left of being oppressed by a name that is hunting me everyday. 16 is the number of days I will have to live with being called Evelyn which is a German name.   […]

Book Cover Reveal!

Hello All, Well, here it is my book cover reveal. Not the finished product the reason why it’s cut off the Paragraph needs work on before I officially set it as my cover. My book has been off to my editor the new re Edited version I did since I redid the size and make […]

D-Day for Ethan’s Surgery!

So my 2 years old is having surgery today for his adenoids. Watching him go down during the anesthesia procedures was hard but it made the process easier for him. Knowing that I was there to help him during it. My mother was with me because she wanted answers into why he needed his adenoids taken out […]

Brand New Laptop!

Yes Yall herd brand new Laptop! one of my dear friends, Fellow Church members help get a laptop I have been Praying on Since I Started this Blog on my Cell Phone. It was Hard two years on this blog now Its going to Get easier to post and to keep up with it! Not […]

Sanctuary at Hamline United Methodist

by: Evelyn AKA Nyleve Eiram Campbell I first came to Hamline after searching for a new home church. My old church had abandoned me in a time of need. I had felt rejected by a church I had called home once. When I first came to Hamline, people were welcoming and understanding of my position. […]